Bingo online

LyckoBingo-free bingoMany of the gaming companies with online bingo we review offers the opportunity to try bingo online to play free online bingo registration bonus when you open the account, here you can find the full list of free bingo bonuses. It’s a great way to try out this playing online bingo no deposit and risking your own money first. Play bingo with a free bonus, there is nothing to lose because you have not put any money on the game account.

On we write only on secure , reliable and licensed bingo sites on the net. Note that we are not offering any bingo games but only offers tips on other providers of online gaming.

What, then, bingo!

All-about-bingoIf you have read this far then you probably have some idea of what bingo is, but it does not hurt to go over it again and refresh the memory! Bingo is a classic game in which an announcer calls out a name (Bertil Ivar Oskar, Niklas and Gustav) followed by a number, then the participant fills in the figure on her tray if the number is also on the tray. For example Bertil Ivar 7 or 19. When an entire row on the bingo card has been marked vertically, horizontally or diagonally, the player has got bingo. Often the box in the middle of the tray is already selected when playing bingo online, which of course then obviously easier to get five marks in a row when already a box in unchecked.

Bingo has mainly been big in Sweden thanks to TV programs Bingolotto where you play classic bingo, another popular bingo variant on the internet is the variation of bingo, all this (and more) you can read more about this on the side that goes through different bingo games and variants.

Bingo online as compared to the bingo hall

This site focuses on online bingo, ie bingo games on the internet or online bingo dear child has many names. The principle and the rules online are the same as regular bingo playing bingo hall, but here you can play from home, why not on the couch with her pajamas on with a cup play slots free online no download or registration of tea in one hand or on the patio with a cup of coffee on a summer evening? Bingo online is also a social activity; you can make new friends in the chat, participate in discussions, sharing recipes with each other and play fun chat games together. Now is obviously not just bingo on the computer, but most bingo sites also offer bingo games in the phone or tablet , either through the app or a mobile-friendly gaming site in the browser.

If you are new to bingo games online? Then please read our beginner’s guide to online bingo first, which goes through the basics of how it works with to open an account and play online.

Our goal is to be of help with bingo gambling online, both for the beginner who has never played online bingo before the more seasoned bingo player. We would also be helpful for those who might have played in regular bingo halls or played Bingolotto but is new when it comes to playing bingo online . We offer guides, answering questions, reviewing bingo sites and share tips.